Mojo Waves are a garagedelic rock band from Finland.

Whilst we’re making a new one, listen to our previous album on BandCamp: Lo and Behold! by Mojo Waves

So the drums are in for the new record. And here’s a video proof.

Day 2, 3 and 4. The drums are done! | Blog | Leka - Official Website

Drum recording sessions are finished. 10 songs were recorded. Click the text above to read how it all went down.

Day 1 - Setting up the studio and drums! | Blog | Leka - Official Website

Our bass player and part-time studio wizard Juuso is writing a blog about our 2014 album recordings. Go read it by clicking the icon above now. Now!

All songs from our debut album Lo and Behold! now on YouTube! Check ‘em!

Mojo Waves interview on

Check out this interview we did a while ago on

Heavy Planet Stoner Rock Blog: Album Review: Lo and Behold! by Mojo Waves

Another mighty review from Heavy Planet! They left us kind of speechless:

Lo and Behold! is the first LP from Mojo Waves, and if the great songs on their debut are any indication, this young band will be big.”

Lo and Behold! on Spotify

Click the text above to get into groove via Spotify!

Mojo Waves – Lo And Behold! review | Soundscape Magazine

First review of “Lo and Behold!” drops and…. it’s epic! Thank you Soundscape Magazine

Our first LP “Lo and Behold!” is finally out, it’s time to get strange.

Lo and Behold! by Mojo Waves